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Friday, July 8, 2016

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nobody Cares

And I Feel Like a Waste Of Life. Like Everything I Try to Do Eventually Just Doesn't Work Out I Should Be In Jail Now and Its Already Bad Enough My Life Has Been Completely Turned Around and Ruined ever since I got arrested again. I Lost so much from it and I'm starting to hate the world and give up on Life again. I No Longer have a job and the only way I can be productive is by saving money. I no longer make anything and I now feel like I have no friends. I feel totally disconnected and facing more jail on top life in general is really messing me up right now. I Feel Like I Have Tried a lot of different paths of life and none of them really work themselves out. I Don't Know What to Do.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Please Subscribe To My YouTube!

Please Subscribe to my YouTube. I Feel Like I Have No Friends. I Have Been Trying to vaporize, I bought a knock-off atmos RAW vaporizer, the cops stole my Silver Surfer Vaporizer. It's Like Everything I try to do right for myself, it ends up bad. Honestly. I Have Tried Working I had like 4 jobs in a row I could not do good at, Then I Tried College (SWAT Team Kicked Me Out). Now they Label me as Crazy. Please give me some support as nobody really does with my mental illness. :(

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sometimes I Feel Like My Whole Family Wants Me Dead

I Also Feel They Have a Life Insurance Policy On Me. I Have Always Been Treated Like My Grandpa's Lab Rat. I Stole His Guns Before But Stupidly Gave Them Back. They Owe Me Thousands Of Dollars and They Are Catholic Thiefs. They Never Helped Me Do Anything But Get In Trouble and I Think They Get A Kick Out Of Getting Me In Trouble And Making My Life Hell. My Own KOWALEWSKI FAMILY. Come To Think Of It I Don't Think It's My Moms Side Of The Family I Think Its also My Dad's Side Of The Family. I Think Everybody Is Crazy. God Please Save Us!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Feel Bad

Everyday Since I Have Been To Jail This Year. I Have Felt Bad. Even more Problems have arose. When I was 14 I was sent away for 3 Years because I pled Guilty to Battery for throwing a pair of basketball shorts at my Grandfather. Nobody ever helped me get a lawyer. It's like they wanted me in jail. Ever since then I have been in trouble ever since and my family hasn't helped me get a lawyer for anything. I am starting to think the World is turning into a living hell because nobody cares about one another or maybe they just don't care about me and figure it would be less baggage for them. Right now I am depressed, sometimes anxious and worried, all I feel like right now is extra Baggage, like I have always been. I have thought about suicide but I don't think I would ever do it. My family always eggs me on to kill myself when I bring it up. I feel like nobody cares. I have a warrant for my arrest and my Grandma called the cops on me yesterday the 13th of July, I feel they don't even want me anymore and they don't care since all they do is try to get me in more trouble when I am in a bad spot. I do not know what to do anymore. I have tried praying, I guess I need to pray a little more. My Family Won't Help Me Hire a Lawyer so I'm Not Going To Court Because Everything All The Courts ask me to do I Cannot Complete. Nobody cares anymore so I Don't Either.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Yung Kash SK - I Got Dat Sack (Music Video)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I Really Don't Care

Don't You Listen to My Songs? I tried My Best Doing Me The Way I Knew How So What's Wrong. I Got about 30 I Been Rapping While Hitting Bongs, Judge told me if you don't do it you'll be in Jail for so Long. And I Didn't Do It Because I already lost $1000 from that case also it was my choice to go to jail on Christmas Day 2013 and I told them to take me. Oh well Probably One of the Worst Decisions in my life Right. I don't think a lawyer would help me at this point as I already pled Guilty to Obstructing Traffic and Not Guilty To Possession of Marijuana because I was growing and figured well I been going through this Obstructing Traffic Misdemeanor for 3 Years Now come Christmas, so to never plead Guilty Ever again, if anything else happens.