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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Common is going to drop the beef and Rap Battle with Drake.

Common and Drake werent really beefing. But some of the things that were mentioned in a few of Drake's songs, Common took to heart. I honestly don't really care for any of these artists however to be completely honest is to just update my blog. It is your responsibility to do this as a blogger. Now Common took some of those words to the head and felt Drake was taking shots at him. Now Drake knows to not try anything or he will have a rap battle with Common. 

Common has now shown who he is and is not afraid to hold his nuts. Now Drake's pussy ass better watch out. Common definitely is a lot more older, has more experience than Drake. You typically see rappers talk shit about each other when one is older, something happened in the past, or just to start some shit to gain more popularity. Hopefully things turn out good between these two, but who wanted to listen to some rap battles?


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