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Friday, May 4, 2012

Got a new House! A new Mic and Pre-amp.

I have told you all that I am not done. I am still working on different things besides working Sunday Night through Thursday. I have been working on beats. I have been saving and spending some because money comes and goes and is something I'm not afraid to let go. I have made progressive steps in my life. I have turned my life around completely. But whether it is making music, working, going to college, or joining in any other life goals and or projects I am going to be succeeding in someway, shape or form. I recently have exchanged my old preamp I just bought for a better firewire one, in which I will pay the difference. I got a condenser mic now, my old house I love and will always remember, memories that I have reminisced upon while here in the past. Everybody! I'm Back!


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