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Friday, May 18, 2012

Rapping and Seo-ing.

I am focusing more on traffic right now. For whatever reason you are here, which I don't mind. Blogger is free. I made my own blog and to keep it online is completely free with And you can use the blogger interface for your blogs design. Of course it isn't the best ways of making your website but it isn't the worst. Besides I don't know really anything about HTML so it is decent for me. I would recommend Dreamweaver if you want to create a site from scratch. But it may be around ten dollars a month or so to have your website up and hosted. Building Backlinks is a better way to have my site out there and generating traffic. All in All traffic= more money. Every site visit gets credited and you can even have your own ads.

Consistency Counts! If you made a blogger blog. Leave it up for the time being and update it every now and then. Use software or other tools found on the internet for linking your blog with others. I have my set of tools, now it's time to utilize them. This can all take a lot of typing and time but other than that, when traffic is rising your blogging empire rises!!

Ultimate Goal: More Traffic, Higher PageRank


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