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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yung Kash SK and his Focusrite Sapphire Pro 14

I think it is a decent pre-amp. It uses fire wire, has two XLR inputs, 2 midi inputs, analog, and a headphone output.

I got it from B and H photo as their prices were a little less than Amazon w/ free shipping.

I got it for 210 bucks. It has worked so far, only records in mono with one mic but why would you want two? Maybe for duo, but for solo I could use mono and just pan effect .

I am definitely still thinking about new software to use with it. I haven't came across the right software yet. I am having a few issues with audacity and its on of my favorite programs by far. I know how to use FL Studio but not sure if I could record in FL?

I don't know how to use a lot. Any suggestions with what software for this type of music.
I record over Mp3 Instrumentals, from sound click, mainstream, or a few samples my friends gave me.
Any suggestions would be very helpful.

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