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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Will Be Working On Music SOON!

Will start making some more productions with Fruity Loops. I want to create my own instrumental for my next song, instead of using one already known and made. Also I will be taking a look at Pro Tools as well, have not ever used it before, instead of Fruity Loops and VSTs for Recording Vocals.

I just got my computer running recently and have not been creating much as my computer has been down. Also my hard drive failed earlier this year, causing me to lose whatever I did not have backed up on another drive.

But..... I really enjoy music, and was at a point in my life where I was tuned into the music thing, ever since my studio and shit went down, and if you have read some of my blog, I did go to jail on the First Day of 2013. So after all that Bullshit, then the SWAT Team, and shit I have mainly been focusing on staying out of trouble. But I have been, and I live a totally different lifestyle than I did last year. Even though I'm not longer attending college, I plan on going back after I pay them a few hundred dollars from when I was dropped from my classes, because of the jail incident, and then shortly after my family called the police on me and I would not open my "TRAP" Room Door, so they sent the SWAT Team, and I would not come out, because I already know how Cops act, so they had to bust my top window and tear gas me. I tried to record them, but only could get 2/3 videos. 3rd was either deleted, or was never created, the last video will never be known.

-And that's just one of my stories....

 Still have the first two videos which were never released online. The third video when I got gassed was never found, and that's when I unblocked and unlocked the door and let them take me down. I will have to edit the videos as even the first two are long and boring at times, and only the cars outside of my house are in the video, not much other than that but the Officers Interrogating me through my door.


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