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Sunday, February 16, 2014

I Confront Problems And I Am A Person Of Speech

They Don't Like Me Because I Do Confront What Is Wrong Especially If It Has Something That I Am Involved in. They Don't Like Me Because I am the One That Speaks Up about What's Wrong Instead of Being A Bitch and just letting them steal my money.

Bottom line I do not know who stole my One Thousand Dollars but it was either my Family or the Cops.
Also my family HATES me for it and always tell me to shut up but they are all retarded and dont know shit so fuck them cuz im trying to teach them something. Calling the police is not the answer as most of them are dirty out for peoples money and drugs (Yes themselves) and that they should not call the police on me anymore as they are nothing but problems, also I think my Family may have something behind stealing my money but I am not sure yet either them or the cops so. The money was all gained legally and was for a car to be bought on Craigslist.


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