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Tuesday, April 15, 2014 Is Getting So Old!

I only go on there too stay in contact with close friends and read everyone statuses. I feel If I Am paying for Internet Every Month I should be getting paid something back to use it. That is part of the reason why I create blogs, BitCoin Mine, and promote my blogs. I am trying to get back into college, as that seems as the only opportunity for now. Jobs do not pay enough it seems, McDonald's in Indiana still pays only $7.25 an hour and I worked there 4 years ago! Minimum Wage Needs to Go Up, The Value of a Dollar is not rising, The only reason I use Facebook anymore really is too catch up with old people I've known from school, work, and other places. I believe it really is a waste of time just sitting there on FaceBook, which is why I have been really thinking about music and promoting my blogs, on top of going back to school for Information Technology. I still need to get Fruity Loops and some VSTs Installed as I only have Audacity running right now. I want to get more into instrumental making and maybe make my own original song one day, hopefully soon.


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