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Monday, May 25, 2015

I Want To Be More Like Jesus Christ Was

 And that's How We Should Think. Jesus Performed Miracles For All Different types of People and These Things are in the Bible and their Should Not Be a Big War About Who's Right and Who's Wrong It Should Be about God and Jesus And How We Can Be More Good Instead Of Bad And I Have Tried My Best And I Think I Did Because I Felt I Need Things. Somethings And I Need More Of God and Jesus Too In My Life. Even I Have Gave Help To Some Of My Friends And One Time Around Christmas I Dont Know Why But I Was Giving Away Money a Few Years Ago. I Once Have Tried To Be a Perfectionist But Then I Realized Nothing Would Ever Be Perfect So I Guess Sometimes I Have Gotten Lazier But I Cleaned My Room From When I Got Out Of Jail It Was a Big Mess and It Looks Better Now I Think. I Dont Want Nobody Messing With My Stuff Thats Not Right and Not Fair So Thats Why I Wrote Keep Out Of My Room Please On My Door. And I Guess My Family Were Going Through My Mail And It Isn't Right to Be Trashing Others Belongings and Even Stealing Peoples Things While They Are In Jail.


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