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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Am I Wrong?

I Know some Of My Songs Are Bad. I Know I Sin. I'm Not Perfect. I Understand That So I Repent For My Sins. However I Feel I Am In Need Of Medical Marijuana and I Live In Indiana. I Have 3-10 Different Mental Illnesses and I Have already Had Doctors From States across the U.S.A. Email and Contacted Me Saying I would Get Approved For Medical Marijuana if I Was in the Correct State. I Believe God Created all Natural Plants On Earth for a Reason and This is the Only Drug I Was involved with my whole time Using Drugs, besides Lake County, INdiana Jail I Was there for a Month in April 2015 and I Think I Found some Snow But Gave it Away to the Guards Because I Did Not Want a Felony and it was misplaced or concealed from Me Until I Found It. I Don't Have Any Felonies and do not Plan On Receiving Any In the Near Time Future. I Don't Know If I Should Of Gave It Up Or Asked Inmates About It But Again I Was Already In Trouble No Need In Getting in To More When I was Trying to Get Out. I Do Not Know Who's It was and I Did Not Give Out Any Names So I Felt I Was Right In a way. If I Knew I Was Slangin It Then Ok But I Don't Mess With Blow Yet to slang. Please can I Have some Real Comments Please????


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