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Monday, June 1, 2015

Give God and Jesus One Last Chance! Please! For The Sake Of The Whole World!

What Do You all Think? God and Jesus? Can't You Feel That Lovely Spirit Feeling Inside When You Think About God Or Jesus (If You Believe In Jesus) Deep Inside Your Veins? That Strong Holy Ghost Connection When You Really Try To Connect With The Holy Spirit Deep Inside Of You? Please Just Try This.
REPENT (Ask For Forgiveness Of Your Sins)(Wrong Doing)(Just Say Sorry For Your Wrongs)
ASK (Ask God and (If You Believe) Jesus For Help Whatever You Going Through
YIELD (To God) Let It Go! Let God and (If You Believe) Jesus Deal With Your Problems after That.
Now I Want Us all To Try To Think About God and Jesus and If Not Jesus Yet Say These Things To God He Did Create All Of Us and JESUS (The Gift From God in Human and Spiritual Form To Save the World and The People In It (Our Souls and Spirits) From Its Sins)
I Don't Care How Bad Of a Person You Think You Might Be, GOD and JESUS Really Love These People as ONE Wants Them Saved as That's One Of His Biggest Missions To Save The Corrupt as Well As The Faithful.
All It Takes Is Even a Few Minutes Of Time To
To God (and I Believe JESUS is Definitely REAL and Really Existed)
Keep In Mind This is all Still a Mystery Yet To Be Discovered all the Way, Even Though God Gives Us The Bible and other Religious Texts Telling The Past But It Also Tells Our Future stated in REVELATIONS.
God Didn't Leave Us Blank Minded He Gave Us the First Happenings (Old Testaments - Hebrew) and Also Tells Us Our Future (Revelations-End Of the New Testament (Jesus Christ Life and His Return)
Please Just Give It a Try and Like If You Felt even the Littlest Hint Of Spiritual Goodness and Connection With G-D (and if You Believe), Jesus Christ (Our Savior of the World from it's Evil Doing, Past,Present, and Future. It's All Up To GOD But Jesus Is Definitely Something Else to Keep In Mind If You Don't Already Believe.
Thank You.


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