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Friday, June 12, 2015

Yung Kash SK's Old Friend

She Called Me For Help I Fed her Wasted Time Money And Gas On her She Says She Had a Boyfriend Then Why Are You On Dating Sites Hooking Up With Other Men (Whore) I Think She Just Wanted My Dick And She Couldn't Get It So I won The Battle and She Got Mad because I Spent Money On Her And Not Everything Went Right Because Really We Were So High (Back When I Had Ounces Of Weed) We Had Fun and She Got Paranoid And Freaked Out. I Still Love Her Though I Dont Care If She Has a Boyfriend Because This Was The First Real Date I Ever Had Outside Of Placement and School and My Prom Date Got Cancelled. Shes Not Even The Best Looking Woman Out there But I Liked Her and She Was Fun Then Now She Calls The Cops on Me When I Call Her So Im Giving Up Her Friendship Completely Now Because Shes A BITCH


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