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Monday, July 6, 2015

I Have A Lot On My Mind

I Feel Right Now My Life Has Completely Turned around On Me. I Feel Lost Kind Of Like In The Wilderness. I need God's Help. Marijuana was helping me. I wasn't hurting anyone around me I wasn't causing violence. I was only helping myself find what helped me calm down so I would limit myself from doing more bad things. I Didn't cause trouble, I was calm, and I usually stayed out of trouble for the most part when I had Weed. I suffer from a few mental problems and I do not know of one person that doesn't qualify for at least one of the disorders out there as everyone has some type of addiction at some point or another from what I have seen. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes even the people arresting us are not perfect and am sure have made mistakes, even committed crimes but this isn't a story to pick on cops. This is my story how my whole life since my Mom Sent me to live here with my grandparents I always felt dumped away, I feel abandoned. When My Dad or Uncle get in trouble they get hired a lawyer by my Family and all they do is drink alcohol, everyday. Whenever I Get In Trouble I Have to Fight the Law, End Up in Psychiatric Hospitals, among other places eventually because my family won't help me out and usually end up calling services on me because I guess they don't know how to handle me. Sometimes I Think My Family Is Even Against Me as whatever I have going for me even at the end of the day even when I don't have much anymore. A few years ago Christmas 2013 I lost $800 I know they spend a lot of money on bills and stuff but still I bought people presents and tried my best to give back to everyone. I Lost my Cell Phone and my ID because I Think Some Sheriffs were trying to Bully Me and I had to walk all the way home from Valparaiso to Gary, IN by myself Christmas 2013, with less presents, money, and less Love. Even Family Don't Love sometimes anymore. They Hire my Dad and Uncle Lawyers and they barely ever had money for one. I used to have about $6000 and it was a point in my life when I had the most going for me and I did it by myself. Even though my family payed the bills I did try my best to make something out of nothing and I did then. I also helped my family too financially as well, something my Dad and Uncle rarely do. Never have I seen my Dad give grandma $400 cash or even for my uncle for that matter but I did to help my grandma get by for Christmas last year.


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