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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I Really Don't Care

Don't You Listen to My Songs? I tried My Best Doing Me The Way I Knew How So What's Wrong. I Got about 30 I Been Rapping While Hitting Bongs, Judge told me if you don't do it you'll be in Jail for so Long. And I Didn't Do It Because I already lost $1000 from that case also it was my choice to go to jail on Christmas Day 2013 and I told them to take me. Oh well Probably One of the Worst Decisions in my life Right. I don't think a lawyer would help me at this point as I already pled Guilty to Obstructing Traffic and Not Guilty To Possession of Marijuana because I was growing and figured well I been going through this Obstructing Traffic Misdemeanor for 3 Years Now come Christmas, so to never plead Guilty Ever again, if anything else happens.


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