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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Only God Can Judge Me!

Nobody Else Can. Because the Same Judges Putting Me On Trial Sin Just Like Me! I understand it is their job, they also don't understand keeping me in Jail is not going to help anything. I haven't been causing terror or promoting violence and I have to deal with all the stress these two misdemeanors have brought me. I have been fighting this one misdemeanor for Three Years. Don't Go To Jail It's not Fun Stay Out Of Trouble. I have mental illnesses it is hard for me to stay out of trouble when I wonder off and don't stay at home, even when I stay at home trouble ends up finding me. I'm tired of the control they have I might not go and just stay at home. Everything They Want Me To Do I Cannot Comply With I Have a Mental Illness, that's why I can't work anymore. People Don't Understand. I couldn't get to community service I just got in a car crash. I don't care about any excuses because they don't work. I just might not go to my next court date and the only thing I can say why I didn't go is because I'm insane and jail is only going to make me more unstable.


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